By: Connor Madsen

For the month of July, I'd like to sit down and just fill you in on what is to come.

Actual posts will start back up as of this week. They will be filled with hands-on reviews of products, essential guides, photo shoots, company evaluations, and trends of the month.

As some may have noticed, the merch was uploaded then taken down. To give reason for the happening of this is becasue I decided it needed some altercations in order to create greater public and personal appeal to it. The merch and the site logos will be redone as of this week, to usher in a new era for Hype Habits.

I'm in the process of ordering different pieces and such for this season and the fall to showcase, review, and wear. If you want to recommend anything or send me anything then just let me know. 

Thank you for being patient with me. Being a teenager is difficult at times, but throughout my busy scedhule I am puting forth the effort to make content for myself, and for the viewers. There will be more to come in the near future. Stay tuned for details on drops and posts through our Twitter: @HabitsHype; or my personal instagram: _cmadsen_

Stay hyped.