By: Connor Madsen

Lately, I  had been digging through my closet looking at what I've been collecting and wearing. No matter the style and age, there will always be certain items that will and have stood the test of time. In this case, I'm talking about shoes. I have construted a list of the top 5 retro sneakers that are coveted by the people of the sneaker, fashion, and cultural worlds. Enjoy.

1. Nike Air Jordan 1

This timeless classic is a statement to have in your collection. No matter the amount or worth of what you own, the Air Jordan 1 will make your collection complete. It provides a simplistic feel to an outfit and also allows a simple fit to pop with its various colorways. Michael Jordan's legacy lives through his first shoe. Owning a pair would let you fit right in with the historic feel of an all-time great shoe, worn by the greatest of all time.

2. Nike Air Force 1

Popularized in the 80's and 90's, especially in New York and Southern California, the Air Force one is one of the wonders of Nike that stood the test of time. The all white low colorway had been a necessity for hip-hop artists since the time and had been a small seed in the growth of sneakers and style in the hip-hop industry today. They can go with anything, and with the numerous makes and models with their own style, Air Force 1's make it into the top five.

3. Nike Air Max 1

One of Tinker Hatfield's many pride and joys, the 1's are always a nice go-to shoe. As the age of Boost has taken over, Air Max remains slept on. Getting yourself just in time for Air Max Day this March would be a treat to any sneakerhead. 

4. Vans Old Skool

Skater or not a skater, Vans can be worn by anyone with anything. With a variety of styles, models, collaborations, and a rainbow of colors, Vans are a necessity to any fashion enthusiast or sneaker collector.

5. Adidas Stan Smith

This underrated tennis sneaker turned lifestyle shoe also goes well with basically anything. The classic all white model with green hits on the heel will bring flavor to any outfit. With multiple designs like the Lux, Primeknit, Boost, and the highly-acclaimed Raf Simons collab, there is a Stan Smith just waiting out there for you.