By: Connor Madsen

To people who associate themselves with the fashion industry, brands over the course of history have released some very complex and outstanding pieces. Each is like a work of art. Each would leave their own mark on fashion and culture. I have listed the top 5 clothing pieces in the fashion world that, in my opinion, are grails that have changed the fashion world and community.

1. Raf Simons x Peter Saville Parka

As one of the most expensive articles of clothing on the market, this Raf parka is held on a pedestal in the fashion and Grailed community. The premise behind this collab from Simons' Autumn/Winter 2003 collection is quite compelling. The fact that Raf connected with a painter of Peter Saville's caliber, and turned an article of clothing into a work of art, is genius. They feature Saville's work from projects like Joy Division, New Order, and Bauhaus. These fishtail parkas are some of the most expensive jackets for sale to date, being priced around $10,000 to $20,000 on Grailed. If you are willing to pay ten racks for a raincoat, by all means, go ahead. I'd rather have this go in a museum than letting it collect dust in my closet. No matter the cost, it remains to be one of craziest grails of all time

2. Yves Saint Laurent Biker Jacket

It doesn't matter if you ride a motorcycle or just happen to do so and like fashion, a YSL Biker Jacket could cost you as much as a Harley. Probably the highest quality leather in the game, this jacket is unmistakably a piece that would last you years to come. Some feature silver studs and others are simple, but each features Riri zippers and fit like a glove. Because of this, Saint Laurent's biker jacket remains in the top 5.

3. Balmain Biker Denim

Balmain Biker Denim is one of the most popular pieces of denim one can own in their wardrobe. They last forever, they're made of the best denim that anyone can find, plus they're a sleek addition to an outfit. The way that Balmain does everything with their jeans has created a wave since they became a trend in the early 2000's. Rappers like Kanye West and Jay-Z would rap about them. Today, even artists like Lil Uzi Vert rapped about them on his song Team Rocket, "I bought two pair of Balmain jeans that's 20 hundred." Regardless of what the public thinks of the brand, Balmain's denim will reign as one of the greatest pants in fashion.

4. Rick Owens Sneakers

From the Ramone, Dunk, Geobasket, and more, Rick Owens popularized leather sneakers that are different from the average silhouette. These feature side zips, enlarged toe boxes, and elongated tongues. Though wearing them all the time will wear out the leather they are long lasting, high-quality sneaker to own. Rick was appealed to the younger artists in music, mostly rappers, being mentioned in multiple lyrics of what the artist wears (Lil Uzi Vert, Playboy Carti, A$AP Rocky, etc.). Whether you have the money to buy a high-end Chuck Taylor, it would be worth it in the case of buying Rick Owens. With A-1 quality and durability, you cannot go wrong with them.

5. Burberry Trench Coat

Last but not least, this London-based brand keeps everyone looking classy and warm, no matter the weather. Burberry's famous trenchcoat is worth the price its listed for. Each is hand sewn with the classic tan, brown, black, white, and red plaid in the interior of the jacket. Its buttons and strap are arranged in a way that speaks to the onlooker that it is Burberry. It's design: elegant. It's potential: limitless, Just like all of the items above it Burberry's trench coats are very high quality and a long-lasting addition to your wardrobe.