By: Connor Madsen

Everyone's favorite basketball video game returns with a new adventure, new attributes, and so much more. NBA 2K17 is releasing officially on September 20th, but if you were like me you preordered it already. The game's preorder features allow the play to have a full array of different ways to enhance their overall play experience. The Early Tip-Off pack for $60 features a bonus of 5,000 VC and the 1992 Team USA 'Dream Team'. The Legend edition features 30,000 VC, a pair of the Nike Kobe 11 'Fade to Black', A free agent pack bundle (featuring Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, and Paul George), a Kobe retro jersey, a Nike Kobe hoodie, controller skins, trading cards, and a poster of Kobe Bryant's final game. If you thought that was a lot just you wait for the last one. The $100 Legend Gold edition comes with all that I just mentioned plus 20 additional pairs of Kobe's shoes, 2 additional MyTeam packs, 70,000 additional VC (100,000 in total), and interchangeable cover for the game. That's just starting out. The game itself is new and full of many things that I'm going to give you a run down of right here. Since the Prelude for MyCareer is the first thing you can play I'll be doing my main post on that. Plus it's the mode I like the most.


This year MyCareer is full of brand new features. First off, lets talk about the story line. You will start out playing in middle school, and then high school, and lastly college. Like last year gameplay will be similar, but who knows what new things have been added (no gameplay leaks are out yet). After high school your player will have the option of choosing from 10 colleges to attend and to play for. Each college has their own arena with crowd emotions, chats, dances, and more that go on during games. They are all based off of the fan atmospheres in real life at those particular universities. Also in your career there will be a teammate/rival that you've grown up with that is a key part of your story. Michael B. Jordan plays the role of Justice Young. You and Justice are part of the new Dynamic Duo feature the game has. In MyTeam, you will be able to pair up Dynamic Duo cards on your roster, and they will give your players a boost. You and Justice have a similar effect. All of this will now be able to discover for yourself early this week, Friday. Something to remember though is that if you perform better than other people do in the prelude, you're MyCareer experience and story will be completely different from other people's. This is the mode I play the most so I'm super excited for it.

As far as gameplay goes, there is more customization for your player. In addition to better face scans, no new hairstyles, and other details, your player will be able to equip and perform multiple personal emotes or celebrations during a game. As an example you can do the Lebron celebration, or when Curry points his finger to heaven, or D'angelo Russel's "I got ice in my veins" celebration. There will be many more, but I'm pumped to do my own thing instead of Freakin' and Vibin' all the time like last year. In addition to that, shoe deals are back. Just like in 2K14 when you get a shoe deal after the first 4 games, this year you'll be able to get one right out of the draft. It's 2K's way of letting the player make tough decisions off the bat just like in the league today. Speaking of shoes I can only say two words: holy crap. They scanned these shoes so good. It's like you took them off of a players foot and put them in the game. They actually look better than some of the players do. Along with all of the fantastic looking shoes in 2K17 they also added Yeezys. That's right. Adidas Yeezy 350 Boosts in a video game, on your players feet, in a game. How crazy is that? Personally I wouldn't wear these in a game but I'm definitely wearing them in MyPark for sure. In your MyCourt you will be able to obtain 4 total courts and more items for your crib. In practices you will also be able to lift weights. This will give your player a stamina and strength boost before games and will increase your attributes as well.

When creating your player there will be many different play styles to choose from. This allows certain players to be good at certain things. The archetype choices are Sharp Shooter, Slasher, Glass Cleaner, Shot Creator, Point Forward, and Lockdown Defender. Each archetype has a range of 10 attributes to upgrade, each to a certain limit. There are also archetype specific badges for each class (i.e for Point Forward: Ankle Breaker, Dimer, Pick and Roll Maestro, Killer Crossover, and Lob City Passer). It will display 5 specific ones which are sadly the only ones your player has.

There is lots of details and tips you should know before playing this game. First, the shooting is different. You are going to have to aim your shots now, and time your layups. I know it's stupid, but 2K wants the game to be a little more challenging so the good players are able to stand out from the rest of the lot. Also defense is very different. Defense will not just be manual when using the right stick and L2. You will have to play better defense or else the CPU and your opponents will have an easy time breaking your ankles. Along with the offensive and defensive game being different, so is your player's fatigue. Fatigue will occur as you run, shoot, move, screen, go up for layups and blocks. This is something that some players don't realize the importance of and 2K is making it's game as life-like as possible. They want their players to feel like their player is real and actually gets tired while playing the NBA players really do. Another thing that may get patched but may not be is injuries. There are more of them. There are 20-24 various places your player can get injured. It sounds lame and it kind of is. I don't want to have to deal with injuries when I'm trying to play out my season. Let's just say I don't want no D Rose MyCareer.

I hope that everyone is as excited as I am for this game. I will include trailers and leaks below for knowledge on your favorite players in the league, and for the prelude on Friday. Please leave your comments down below and hit the like button!

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