By: Connor Madsen


So far London has been amazing. It's quite different from the States and the people and fashion here are fantastic. My personal favorites like Burberry and such had plenty to offer, but I came to see what the world is talking about. First on my hit list was Nike Lab London. It is located in a quiet area of the city, in a small, brick alley way. The Lab was decorated for the experience for the new line that the swoosh had just released. The Riccardo Tisci x Nike collaboration that had released a week ago was the main theme of the store. The exterior of the building was painted in a floral mural, depicting the main design theme of the clothing. The courtyard was an opening toward the entrance. The entryway was decorated with different colored, floral vines hanging from the ceiling. The store itself was small but full of good products. As far as sneakers go, what caught my eye were the new remastered Air Jordan 5 'Black Metallics', the new Kobe 11 Elite 'White Snakeskin' colorway, and a series of R.T inspired gear. The upper level is a customization experience, called Nike Bespoke that wasn't currently open to the public, but featured a selection of Nike ID items. What's cool about Bespoke is that they take any Air Max 1 or Air Force 1 you have and customize it anyway you like. The design possiblilties could be limitless. This is something that I haven't seen or heard of in the U.S, so hopefully this spreads overseas.

This is only the first stop of multiple sites in my travels of London. Like for more and leave your comments below.