Summer 2018 Editorial No. 1

By: Connor Madsen

I used to do these a while back and now that I'm starting to ramp up the content output again, I though I'd get right back into sharing my personal looks with you all again. For the summer, my wardrobe has gone through some transformations based on what I've been liking to wear. Lately, its been a lot of vintage tees, distressed denim, vans, Nike Air Jordan 1's, and chelsea boots. Here is one of the two looks featured in this editorial.

This first look is composed of an All Saints Kane Shirt, which has a boxy fit to it; En Noir Clash Denim, and my New Republic Man Houston Tan Chelseas. This look has to be one of my favorites for the summer and it'll be one that I can carry over into the fall as well, once I layer up a bit.



Second, this next look features a Haider Ackermann Washed Black Perth zip-up hoodie, an American Apparel vintage washed tee, M56 grey denim, and the 2016 Nike Air Jordan 1 "Breds". This is hands down my favorite outfit in my rotation because it consists of two of my grails: the Ackermann hoodie and Breds. I'm excited to get more wear out of the hoodie because it was a recent purchase of mine and it'll be a long-lasting investment.



I hope you enjoy seeing these shoots and breakdowns of the outfits I wear. Realize that I don't dress for Instagram, I dress because I like clothes and I want to be able to curate my style to the way I want to look. Be sure to anticipate more of these editorials on the way in the near future. Like and comment your feedback on all posts, and thanks for keeping up with the content.



Cloth Talk - Virgil Abloh

By: Connor Madsen

 Photo via   Vogue Magazine

Photo via Vogue Magazine

For the almost ten years of participation in the fashion world, designer Virgil Abloh is only about to reach the pinnacle of his artistic career. From his internship with Fendi in 2009 that led him to meet and partner with Kanye West, to the birth of his label Off-White in 2013, to his present position as executive creative director at Louis Vuitton, Abloh has exponentially progressed to be one of the most influential designers in the world. In this segment of Cloth Talk, Abloh's life in the fashion industry will be highlighted through his come-up, his greatest achievements and growth in Off-White, and his first ever collection with Louis Vuitton that was shown last week on the runway during Paris Fashion Week 2018.

 Don C, Virgil Abloh, and the rest of Kanye's entourage at Paris Fashion Week 2009; photo via   Highsnobiety

Don C, Virgil Abloh, and the rest of Kanye's entourage at Paris Fashion Week 2009; photo via Highsnobiety

 Off-White; Photo via   The Idle Man

Off-White; Photo via The Idle Man

What would kickstart Abloh's eventual rise to designer stardom would come post-college when Abloh applied for an internship at Fendi, and met Kanye West in the same class as him. Over the years of their relationship, Abloh was signed to Kanye's creative agency, was the artistic director for Watch the Throne, and developed his first fashion label: Pyrex Vision. After Abloh knew that he didn't want to take Pyrex in a serious direction, he created his label Off-White in 2013, basing it in Milan. The brand would start out in menswear and later, in 2014, Abloh would add womenswear to his roster. Overtime, Abloh would build popularity through his screen-printed, Italian-cotton tees and hoodies. Products like these would bring his high-end line into the limelight of the streetwear community. After excelling and prospering with Off-White, season after season, Virgil would expand his reach into the sneaker world in dominant fashion. With the fall of 2017 brought the year in which Abloh's collaboration with Nike called "The Ten" released. The collection features ten nike silhouettes that Abloh took and deconstructed them and then designed them in the way his creative intellect decided to. The result was an instant success. The collaboration was one of the highest selling sneaker releases of the year and provided some of the most sought after shoes on the market. Notably, sneakers like his versions of the Air Jordan 1, Nike Presto, Nike Blazer Mid, and the Converse Chuck Taylor were the centers of attention out of the group. 

 Photo via Sole Collector

Photo via Sole Collector

Now, being at the helm of Louis Vuitton and after just having a successful showing for Fall/Winter 2019 at Paris Fashion Week, Abloh is already taking the brand to great heights. His experience around footwear and accessory design is showcased well with his new Louis Vuitton FW '19 sneaker and the various embossed monogram bags, featuring ceramic/plastic chain links. Not to mention how Abloh's garments feature various pockets or compartments, acting as miniature wallets or purses within the shirts, jackets or pants. Overall, Virgil's first collection for Louis Vuitton was show-stopping and is highly anticipated to hit retailers this season. What are your thoughts on Abloh's growth in the fashion world? Personally, I think that he is the next great designer of our generation and he is going to revolutionize menswear and footwear at Louis Vuitton, making their pieces unlike anything they've ever made. Abloh is set to achieve great prowess in his art and he isn't stopping with anything short of great.

Click above to view 20 of the 56 looks put together by Virgil Abloh for the Louis Vuitton show in Paris; photos via Vogue Magazine

 Virgil and Kanye sharing a tearful moment at the Louis Vuitton show; via   Billboard

Virgil and Kanye sharing a tearful moment at the Louis Vuitton show; via Billboard



Hype Habits Collection Two

By: Connor Madsen

After felling the urge after my first collection to grow above and beyond in designing graphics and pieces that feel original, this summer is the debut of Hype Habits Collection Two. The collection embodies the journey in life to form better habits and to strive to be one's self, not one of the world. Collection Two contains 12 products, including two hats, eight tees, and a sweatshirt. Through this collection I also wanted to bring out summer colors that can be worn as everyday essentials for any outfit this summer. I hope that you consider purchasing some of the new pieces that will make a statement this summer with Hype Habits.



Styling 101 w/ the Founder

By: Connor Madsen

Similar to my seasonal editorial series this article will be for the purpose of explaining my thought process that goes into picking out an outfit. 

For me, I always go with simplicity over loudness and being seen. It's the little details and the boldness of plain pieces that make an outfit over those that are crazy. For example, the fit I have laid out here is extremely simple and easy to rock.

For this article, I have put together my favorite outfit of mine as of late. This consists of a John Elliott Flash Zip Hoodie in black, a Fear of God x PacSun Essentials Boxy Tee in heather grey, a pair of M1 denim, and a pair of Nike Flyknit Trainers in black. This outfit is a perfect combination of minimalism, yet daring with the aggressiveness of the distressed denim. Though I need to get them tapered, the M1 fit and allow the Flyknit Trainers to pair nicely with this overall combination. The key to this fit is some color coordination, but not too much. Like if I was to wear black denim, it would work but I think it would be too much.

S/o to my good friend and photographer @ericthrane for the visuals for this post.





Who Influences My Style the Most on Instagram

By: Connor Madsen

I wanted to make this article about the people whose feeds influence how I put outfits together and inspire my own style to evolve based on new looks and vibes. All five a unique in their own way and some I've been able to communicate with more than others but these are the five guys on Instagram that have and continue to inspire my growth in my personal style.

1. @kxrbtz - Kieran Roberts



Kieran Roberts is by far my number 1 muse for who I look to for certain fit combinations. He was the one who got me into wearing chelsea boots, and one of the individuals who is able to make all-black fits look crazy good. He has some serious vibes and simplicity in what he does, and being able to get to know him by exchanging messages here and there over time has been fun to be able to get to know how focused of an individual he is. He's one of, if not my favorite account on Instagram and I give him props for what he is doing and what he has planned in the future.

2. @jamesmarriott_ - James Marriott


James is another one of my favorite accounts on Instagram for many reasons. His influences stem heavy from the whole Fear of God/Grunge look that I also dig, but he always adds his own personal flare into all of his fits. When I started getting hooked on the content he was putting out, he inspired me into getting pieces and items that no one else was really rocking with. James put me onto the Vans Vault Sk8 Marshmallow/Feather Grey's, which are one of my favorite sneakers I own. His minimalistic vibes continue to influence how I post my content with a more integrated and wholesome theme. Check him out if you want some serious inspiration.

3. @kylekelley - Kyle Kelley


I've been digging what Kyle has been doing for a minute now. He is one of the individuals, like Kieran Roberts, who got me into visually making Saint Laurent my favorite brand in the fashion industry. Kyle also has very simplistic, monochromatic posts that capture his fits, footwear, and more exquisitely. He is also one of the individuals I message weekly about anything and everything in our interests. He's super chill and puts his family before his posts, and yet still finds time to pull off super hard outfits for us all to see.

4. @mattks - Matt Scronce


Matt is one of the realest ones on the fashion and streetwear scene of Instagram. Though being a game designer for Call of Duty, he has time and energy to put together simple and fire outfits with ease. He is one of my favorite accounts that post outfit grids, which are hard to pull off well. Matt is also the one who put me onto John Elliott, which I only own one piece of, but I will definitely be considering more of their products because of Matt's influence of what I wear. He is an overall great guy and keeps it real and true to himself 24/7. He's also one worth checking out, along with everyone else on this list.

5. @janoschfabian - Janosch Fabian


Janosch was another one of the guys that put me onto the whole Fear of God look with a mix of his own personal flow. I dig all of the scenery he incorporates in his posts and his fits continue to get better with time. One of my favorite combinations that I've loved seeing him wear was a Balenciaga crewneck from last season with YSL denim and Chicago 1's. His vibes are constantly minimal and he never fails to bring out himself in his own work. 


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My Personal Style

By: Connor Madsen

It's been a while since I posted something, but since spring is upon us I was thinking that it's now the perfect time to talk about something important. As an individual, I take great pride in my style and what I wear. A person's style speaks about their personality or how they are feeling based on what they wear. I let my outfits speak for me towards others about how I feel. No, I don't need money to be something that is spoken through what I wear because someone can have style without spending a ton of money on what they wear. Today I'm going to share with you what I've been wearing, what I look for in outfits, what I'd like to own in the future, and the brands/styles that have influenced me the most, overtime.

Lately, my style has been at its pinnacle since I've started caring about fashion, design, and blogging about it all. I've begun to find a sense of self, based on what I like to wear and what feels good. As of recently, I've been wearing a lot of denim, whether it be jeans or a denim trucker paired with a pair of denim, basic tees from brands like J Crew and Fear of God, hoodies, and various options of footwear. I try to keep the majority of my outfits simple with little-to-no branding visible on what I wear unless its something bold and meant to be read. I usually keep most of my fits in an earth tone scheme with blacks and grey, and sometimes blues and reds depending on how I'm feeling. As far as shoes go, I've been in love with my chelsea boots from New Republic Man. I've also been wearing the original adidas Yeezy Powerphases and a new pair of Nike Flyknit Trainers. My favorite brands that I wear are Fear of God, Topman, John Elliott, J. Crew, Oro Los Angeles, and Zara for tops and outerwear. For denim, I go between a rotation of PacSun,, Topman, Profound Aesthetic, and Wear Syndicate. All of these pair nicely together and make for some simple, yet bold outfits.

My inspiration for my style as of late has been narrowed down over time to a specific genre of fashion. Yes, I do take notes style-wise from certain people I follow on Instagram, but otherwise, I've found a massive interest in a certain individuals style: Kanye West back when he was with Nike and in his early adidas days. His pairing of simple tees and crewnecks with stacked or distressed denim with a pair of 1's or chelsea boots is easily one of my favorite combos to rock right now. This style that's a mixture of rockstar, hip-hop, and grunge practically sum up how I dress.

As for the future I plan to continue to broaden my brand choice as I continue to profit from my own clothing and pursue to improve my current style. With that being said, if you asked me if I could wear three brands for the rest of my life, what would they be? My answer: Nike, Saint Laurent, and Haider Ackermann. Nike just has versatility in all sneakers it produces and I'm a huge Nikehead at heart. Saint Laurent makes the best boots, denim, ready-to-wear pieces, and leather jackets in the game, and that is something that I'd be willing to cash in on at some point. Haider Ackermann is the king of basic pieces while adding flare with his unique and individualistic zipper placement and design on jackets, embroidery, and choices of materials. Either way, I couldn't go wrong with any of these brands until the rest of my days because they are timeless, and will continue to stand the test of time.

I hope you enjoyed this segment and if you want a styling tutorial of me putting together certain fits, comment down below if I should do so in the future.

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Cloth Talk - Fear of God

By: Connor Madsen

I'm starting off a new segment on the blog to discuss my thoughts on the growth, direction, and evolution of brands, labels, and houses across the fashion world. The section will consist of me talking about the designer's influence on the culture, their hits and misses, and where they will be this year and years to come. I will continue this segment off and on as I continue to post outfit shoots, clothing collections, and other personal content. Now, Welcome to Cloth Talk.

 Jerry Lorenzo Wearing Fifth Collection Holy Water Denim, unreleased Essentials collection, and sample Jungle Sneakers @ Paris Fashion Weekend 2018

Jerry Lorenzo Wearing Fifth Collection Holy Water Denim, unreleased Essentials collection, and sample Jungle Sneakers @ Paris Fashion Weekend 2018

To start off Jerry Lorenzo started out small with garments, but always kept the same overall theme with his vision. Here is how Lorenzo explains what his label stands for in an interview with Grailed, on September 11, 2017:

     "It's Americana modernized. It's the modern picture of our culture. Fear of God is the modern picture of American culture. All of my references are references from the ‘80s and ‘90s of my heroes, whether they're Kurt Cobain or Allen Iversen or John Bender from The Breakfast Club. These are American idols; you know what I mean? These were icons from different subcultures that now—fast forward 20, 25 years later—are now merging into one. I'm painting the picture of what this looks like. No, it's not hip-hop. No, it’s not it's not rap. No, it's not rock. No, it's not grunge. It's all of these things combined" (Schlossman)

 Jerry Lorenzo wearing Fifth Collection and Fear of God Vans @ GQ, 2017

Jerry Lorenzo wearing Fifth Collection and Fear of God Vans @ GQ, 2017

Click/Tap to view the first looks from Fear of God's debut collection: Third Collection

As most fans of his work know, Lorenzo proceeded to usher in the style of layering. Fear of God began its signature look with elongated tank tops, boxy and elongated tees, hoodies, bombers, flannels, and the infamous overcoat, all in the earth-tone color scheme. His Third Collection all came in before the Yeezy era with Kanye dropping his clothing line with Yeezy Season. Both styles were quite similar, yet Lorenzo knew how to keep his brand looking as punk rockstar as possible. With Third Collection behind him, Lorenzo began to stamp his name in the designer record books as he started to make specific pieces items he made better than anyone in the game. From his indigo selvedge denim to his Italian-made military sneaker, Lorenzo was making a name for himself. The year of 2016 was one of Lorenzo's significant triumphs as a designer, setting worldwide trends that name brand giants like H&M, Forever 21, Zara, and more began to copy.

Click/Tap to view looks from Fear of God's Fourth Collection

Click/Tap to view the current pieces from Fear of God's Fifth Collection

Now in his 2017-2018 era of production, Jerry Lorenzo continues to step up his output of quality of his garments. He has implemented fabrics like corduroy, faux rabbit fur, different strengths and washes of denim, mesh, and other materials that make his pieces immensely different from the rest of the designer market. Being a strength of his, this is something that I think is important to Lorenzo's success for the future. After his recent departure from his PacSun side label with FOG, Lorenzo announced that he is going to collaborate with Nike this year. Seeing how this collaboration is going to follow up his friend Virgil Abloh with Off-White x Nike's "The Ten" will be interesting, but Lorenzo isn't planning on just making a shoe(s). Numerous pieces like sweatsuits, jackets, jerseys, tees, sweatshirts, and more have leaked for what is going to be a highly anticipated fall release.

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 10.31.37 PM.png

Overall, Jerry Lorenzo is headed upwards and he isn't slowing down anytime soon. Let me know what you guys thought of this new segment, and feel free to message me on social media for who I should write about next.

To check out the full interview on Jerry Lorenzo and Fear of God click here: Grailed Interview

To browse Fear of God's Third Delivery from its Fifth Collection, click here:

All photos curtsey of @jerrylorenzo, @fearofgod, and @yeezyxfog on Instagram.



Winter Editorial No. 1

By: Connor Madsen

As winter has gone by I've found myself wearing pieces that resemble more of a fall vibe, yet are universal for the cold. For the first fit of the new year, I put together a very Jerry-Lorenzo, Fear of God-esc outfit. It consists of an Oro Los Angeles Royal Flannel, J. Crew Broken-In Tee, FOG x PacSun layering tank, M1 Denim, and a pair of Vans Vault Sk8 High Feather Grey's.





Has Streetwear Culture Ruined Fashion?

By: Connor Madsen


Fashion is defined as a popular trend, especially in styles of dress and ornament or manners of behavior. Since the origins of sewing, and the making of textiles and garments, fashion has been present in our world since clothes have been worn by human beings. Today, the purposefulness and beauty of the divine art of clothe-making by the major fashion houses, that have stood the test of time, seems to be lost. The hype and resell market that has come with the rise of streetwear in the fashion world has the fashion world in a vice grip, controlling its input and output into our world. The market seems to be led none other than the skateboard, pop-Culture based brand from New York: Supreme. After the resale giant is followed by brands like Off-White—minimalistic high fashion turned streetwear by the public—, Anti Social Social Club, Palace, A Bathing Ape, and Vlone. All but Supreme and Off-White took major losses in popularity and sales in 2017, as major collaborations like “The Ten” and the Supreme Louis Vuitton controlled the market place. Now as 2018 rolls in, how will fashion be defined? I feel that streetwear will still control a vast portion of the community, and there is no stopping that because it’s all based on business, not creativity. The more something sells and the faster it does, the better. At least that’s what Supreme’s motives seem to still be after all these years. I for one despise Supreme for its usage of imagery provoking drugs, sex, porn, smoking, reckless lifestyle, and the image of trying to please society. I have nothing against Off-White, but it’s just become too mainstream for me. Personally, the three best fashion houses, or at least the ones I love, are Fear of God, Saint Laurent, and Rick Owens. These labels, and others, are what define real fashion. High quality materials, simple yet bold looks, and pieces that are timeless and versatile. This is my opinion on how the fashion world is shaping up to be. If you’ve taken offense to what I’ve said because you are a die-hard hypebeast than I’m not sorry at all. I write about what I see to be true and I wish the market could change for the better. The only way to do that is to do it yourself. Let me know your thoughts on this post in the comments or on social media at @_cmadsen_.



Trends for the Winter

By: Connor Madsen

As the seasons come and go, you may need to start to re-up on the latest pieces to stay warm this winter. Here's a walkthrough of some of the numerous items that should be in your rotation for chilly season ahead.

1. Down Fur Parkas

The goal for winter is to stay warm, so why not do it while looking stylish. A quality down fur parka for this upcoming winter is a necessity for those who are trying to step up their game and while staying nice and cozy.

Affordable - Zara, Topman, Alpha Industries, Mandiorve

High-End & High Quality - Canada Goose

2. Sherpa and Shearling Jackets

Another jacket that is perfect for this season is a fur-lined sherpa or shearling jacket. Its another means of having that statement piece that also keeps you warm. Some varieties range from denim truckers, corduroy jackets, and leather coats.

Affordable - Zara, Levi's

High-End & High Quality - All Saints, Acne Studios, Fear of God, Gucci, Off-White, John Elliott

3. Wool or Tartan Flannels

The universally-loved plaid shirt that becomes a household piece in the fall is also a main one for the winter. Preferably owning one of more substantial material makes for a warmer fit and can too go for a better look. Brands and houses will make these in all different cuts and lengths, even in oversized and trenchcoat form.

Affordable - Topman, Pendleton

High-End & High Quality - Fear of God, Represent Clothing, Off-White

4. Heavy Sweaters & Crewnecks

Who knew something so simple and sometimes overlooked could be all the rage this season. Sweaters, cardigans, turtlenecks, and crewnecks are a significant part of anyone's wardrobe this season. Having ones that are simple and bold, and some with prints and embroidery add for variation and choices that would complete an outfit while keeping you warm.

Affordable - Zara, Topman, PacSun, Urban Outfitters, Champion

High-End & High Quality - Gucci, Off-White, Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Fear of God, Represent Clothing, All Saints, John Elliott

5. Heavy Denim

As summer and fall have passed, so has the need for wearing distressed denim. Where I live, it doesn't make sense to wear them in the Minnesota winters, but I and some others are caught slipping with distressed denim. A pair of necessary, heavy, and quality washed and made denim is an absolute necessity for this season. Washes like dark blue, vintage black, black, and aged acid wash are what should be on your radar to rock this incoming season.

Affordable - PacSun, Levi's, Topman,

High-End & High Quality - Saint Laurent, Fear of God, Acne Studios, Rag & Bone, All Saints

6. Boots - Chelsea, Combat, and Dress

Though sneakers are an article of footwear that everyone should own and pursue more of, boots and winter are a fromidable combination. Depending on your make, model, and mood you want to wear them in, boots should be something that can be compatiable with most of the outfits you'd wear in the winter. Combat boots for outdoor wear, chelseas for casual or an upscale look, and dress for a day on the job or trying to step up the game a bit. Either way, you can't go wrong with a pair of boots this season.

Affordable - New Republic Man, Doc Martens, Favela Clothing, Cole Hann, J. Crew

High-End & High Quality - Rick Owens, Visim, Saint Laurent, Common Projects, Yeezy Season, Gucci, Bottega Veneta




Store Access

By: Connor Madsen

Click the link below or in the 'Store' tab to access the merchandise drop for Collection One. Let me know on social media, comment below, or through contact to let me know what you think of the merchandise, and or what you copped.




Collection 1 - Cyber Monday

By: Connor Madsen

The moment that you readers and I have been waiting for is almost upon us. The first of numerous collections of merchandise ahead will be dropping as of Monday, November 27, at 4:00 pm/ct. The collection is embodied with 5 pieces and is encompassed around the statement "Redefining Culture". This speaks out about what I'm trying to be as a creator, and as a person in general. I tend to stray from conformity and strive to be my own, individual person. 

The collection features two statement tees with the signature logo on the front, and the quote printed on the back. In addition to the tees, two hoodies will drop as well. Each features a simple logo in front with the same quotation font, with "Pantone" and the season underneath the label. The back graphic features the signature logo as it pantones from white to red, and from white to navy blue. Lastly, the cherry on top is the signature cap, which features 3D embroidery on the front and 'Hype Habits' on the back arch.

I'm thoroughly pleased with how the collection turned out, as I have all the pieces in hand. Prices on drop day will range from $20-$40 and will not be discounted amongst the other online holiday sales out there. I hope you enjoy the collection as much as I do. The link to the store will be updated on the blog prior to the drop for instant access. Enjoy!



Fall Editorial No. 3 - Hoozy Official

For my third outfit editorial of the season, I have partnered with UK based brand Hoozy to showcase one of their bold streetwear pieces. I have accompanied their trucker hat with an Alpha Industries Bomber, Off-White SS16 Tee, FoG x PacSun Essential tank, Only the Blind Collection 2 Technical Pant, and the Air Jordan 1 Retro ‘Bred’ from 2016. I love how this fit feels and looks, with a sleek and bold minimalistic appeal. The hints of red and white allow the outfit to stand out. Plus the venue for where @hamdo7 and I shot added a pop of color to the backdrop of it all. Feel free to check out Hoozy’s site and use my code ‘CMADSEN10’ at checkout for a 10% discount on your entire order! Stay tuned for more content and merch release info. 




Collection One Update: Finalized Designs

By: Connor Madsen

As time has gone by, and countless mock-ups have been made and edited, I have come up with the final design for my first collection of clothing. Featuring the simplicity of black and white, the tee is a statement of what Hype Habits is all about. It displays the phrase "redefining culture" on the back. This is a goal for what I do on the blog. I try to make content that connects the world of fashion to readers, while infusing a message of being purposeful with clothing and content. I'm not a blogger who just makes articles to make a quick check. I make quality posts that artistically embody what Hype Habits is. The first collection of merchandise speaks volumes about what I'm trying to do and hopefully it resonates with its wearer. The tee is also accompanied by an asphalt-grey version, as well as a dad hat. Expect a preorder to come up soon. More information will be given out through all forms of social media. Stay tuned for details.


Fall Editorial No. 2

By: Connor Madsen

For my second time around in the North Loop, I linked up with @hamdo7 to showcase one of my favorite outfit combinations. 

This fall fit below is composed of a Zara FW '16 Denim Jacket, Fear of God x Pacsun Essentials Grey Boxy Tee, Fear of God x Pacsun Essentials Black Tank, Topman Black Skinny Denim, and Nike Air Jordan 1 Breds from 2016. This is by far one of my favorite outfits in my collection. Something about denim on denim with Fear of God and a classic yet bold sneaker is so aesthetically pleasing. I'm pleased how these shots came out as well. Thanks to Hamdi for shooting with me, and the two of us will be working on more content for the future. Stay tuned.





Fall Editorial No. 1

By: Connor Madsen

As summer has come to a close, it's time to bust out those sweaters, hoodies, jackets, flannels, and denim. I'm finally able to wear all of my favorite pieces thanks to the change of season. 

For this shoot I embarked into the North Loop of Minneapolis with my good friend Hamdi. He's extremely talented at what he does and is making moves as a model and photographer. Check him out on Instagram: @hamdo7. 

The outfit that I put together is composed of a basic J Crew Broken In Olive Tee, a FOG x PacSun Collection One flannel, Profound Aesthetic white denim, and the adidas Yeezy Powerphases. Let me know in the comments and through Instagram your thoughts on the outfit. Thanks to Hamdi for the shots!





The Most Quality Streetwear Brands Out There

By: Connor Madsen

To follow up from a couple of posts ago, I've compossed another list of companies and brands that embody today's streetwear styles and trends. Those listed below require a liitle more cash to afford the quality one would get from them. Let's begin:

1. Daniel Patrick

Born and based in the city of angels, Daniel Patrick was founded off of the basis of minimal aesthetics. They're pieces, constructed and inspired by founder Daniel Patrick, are based on his influences, tastes, and experiences. Originally from Australia, Patrick visited the U.S in search of something more and fell in love with New York City and Los Angeles. The cities cultures and atmosphere inspired the young designer to birth his dreams into reality. When the brand took off, celebrities like Justin Bieber, Kylie Jenner, and the Migos started to sport their work. Signature pieces from the brand include bombers, hoodies, shorts, track pants, denim, swim shorts, and their roamer sneakers. This brand appeals to me because of how simple they make everything seem. The majority of the pieces are the same design in different colors, shades, and tones. This allows the buyer/wearer to mix and match pieces for various looks. Everything they put out is worth the money spent. Daniel Patrick has much more for the future.

2. En Noir

Founded by Rob Noir, En Noir is formed by fine craftsmanship. All of their denim, which they are mostly known for, are hand stitched, dyed, and distressed with intricacy and precision. The label has also had a collaboration with Puma. The release futures two Puma silhouettes in minimalistic gray and black. Though you may be paying $500 for denim, it's worth every dollar. En Noir also has put out notable knits, tees, and other high-quality, yet simplistic items in their past collections. 

3. Rhude

Rhude is a label formed on a name with a bit of word play. Rhuigi Villaseñor started the label three years ago to make a name for himself. His ability to place narratives and themes to turn his articles of clothing into masterpieces has intrigued the likes of Kevin Durant, Karl Anthony Towns, 6Lack, Future, the Migos, and more. The brand is known for their cigarette-box-style tees, checkered-sleeve hoodies, and their Tuxedo pants. Expect more impeccable work to come from them shortly.

4. Only the Blind

One my favorites in this whole article, Only the Blind combines originality and creativity with a new streetwear vibe. John Melchicho, who founded the brand three years ago, and his team have worked tirelessly to make this a reality. As of last year they did. Now, they've continually stepped up their game and brought their best to the plate. Their second collection features matching track suits, embroidered denim jackets, embroidered hoodies, tees, and distressed denim. Though this is only the second phase of operations, Only the Blind is already set for six total collections. With four more waves of high-quality pieces, who knows what masterpieces John and his team will put out next.

5. Represent Clothing

Represent Clothing is a line based out of the United Kingdom. I didn't know at first what tier of clothing to place them in, but I think they are slept on by most. They offer a variety of pieces that are all basic but accompany each other extremely well. They have produced popular types of denim, jackets, and also their dusk boot was a success until it sold out. They continue to adapt and come out with new lines that stay with their identity of a label that is straightforward and orderly, yet bold and loud.

Even though I'm just writing about these companies, and not showing you their products, hands-on reviews will be coming shortly for some of them. Don't forget to like and comment on all posts.



Summer Editorial No. 2

As summer passes by, I've been taking advantage of the free time I have left before the school year takes over my priorities again.  

This second-of-its-kind post features a simple outfit for the summer and the fall. I'm sporting a white J Crew Broken-In White Tee, Only The Blind Technical Pants, and the new New Balance 541 Sport.

As far as the footwear goes, it was something different for me to do. I was able to experience wearing and testing out a brand I had never put much thought into owning. The model is similar to that of the Adidas Ultra Boost, except its upper is composed of two different meshes and a nubuck toe box. The outsole is composed of rubber, and is supported by Fresh Foam technology. The sneaker is topped off with a 3M 'N' in the middle. Overall, they are extremely comfortable and have an affordable price point for all.

The pants, to me, are something special. Sure they're just track pants, but Only the Blind is a brand I support and admire. John Melchico, the creative director and an Instagram fashion mogul, is someone whom I've talked to through social media and I respect his work and his motives. These high-quality pants are from his second collection, 'CULT 2', and can be purchased along with other unique pieces on his site. 

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Photos taken by: Eric Thrane - @ericthrane

Location: North Loop, Minneapolis, MN




The Underdog Brands of Streetwear

By: Connor Madsen

As the high end fashion houses and the major streetwear brands cloud the minds of us all, it's important to know what other alternatives and brands can be found instead.

1. Profound Aesthetic

This brand from New York continues to put out new collections that radiate an aura of authenticity and independence from other fashion brands. They continuously dabble with washed and aged materials, bright colors, and designs that are abstract. They tend to go with imagery that is old Japanese artwork with text, and other old or distorted prints of photographs, portraits, or other images. They also like to incorporate floral embroidery into their pieces, which they have been better at than other brands have. The little things that they do are what goes far in the long run. What I personally enjoy about Profound is their denim. It fits so snug, but not too tight, and has such a good blend of cotton and poly. This adds for a good stretch that lasts long and doesn't ruin the fit in the wash. Their distressing is also well done and doesn't expose too much of the knee, giving it a subtle look while still showing some edge. Overall, Profound Aesthetic is a brand that I will continue to rock with in the future.


Probably the biggest up-and-coming clothing brand on social media, has become a viral sensation. They were first introduced to the market by offering a cheap alternative to Jerry Lorenzo's Fear of God Indigo Selvedge Denim. This distressed denim was becoming very popular in early 2016, but not everyone could afford $1,000 jeans. So swoops in with a decent quality alternative for only $64. I bought their original M1 Blue Denim when it first came out, and I've worn the heck out of them. They fit so good and the distressing looks better over time. Personally, I edited the distressing when I first got them because I thought there were too many strands of denim hanging off of the knee blowouts. They look even better now though. The denim features knee blowouts and custom zippers that the denim hides well. Throughout their business boom, has created tons of colors and models of denim as well. They have also involved their brand with clothing pieces like essential tanks, hoodies, tees, denim jackets, and more. They are worth checking out, even though that distressed denim is having a bit of a fall out right now.

3. Mint Crew

Being a step up from, Mint Crew was born under a similar purpose: to make denim that was cheaper than Jerry's. Sure that wasn't their intention, but thats what it seems to be. This brand has made leaps and bounds in quality over Their denim is constructed of a better cotton blend, has simpler blowouts, and features Riri zippers like Fear of God does. Mint Crew has also done a Champion hoodie collaboration and has released a line of basketball shorts for the summer. I like what Mint Crew is doing now, but I don't know how long they are going to last as time goes on, and trends change. Only time will tell.

4. Other UK

Other UK stands out amongst others. They are a collective that puts out products with a vintage, distressed, or toned-down feel to them. Carrying a variety of pieces like custom band tees, to multiple washes and cuts of denim, they have their own way of being themselves. Just as everyone else has basically done, Other UK launched their S/S 17 line featuring none other than track pants and basketball shorts. Both feature Riri zipper pockets and are composed of soft mesh materials. Being the others in the game is exactly what this brand has in mind, and will continue to innovate and product pieces that show a sense of uniqueness.

5. Oro Los Angeles

Coming out of Los Angeles, Oro is a brand that I've began to take notice of. I discovered them when the internet famous Yeezy Busta started getting pieces from them, and showcased them on Instagram. Since then I started to check them out. Oro Los Angeles is well know for three things: flannels, denim, and chelsea boots. They are all cut from a different cloth than other brands and are high quality. Sure their prices can be up in the higher ranges amongst the brands above, but they are worth the pretty penny. With their whole set up, I can see Oro making moves in the future for sure.

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Summer Editorial No. 1

By: Connor Madsen

As my content gets more purposeful, I see that I need to do hand-on reviews of certain products for the community. My seasonal editorials are going to be my way to you on what I buy and how it looks and feels.

First major purchase of the summer, other than Bred 1's, is the Adidas Yeezy Powerphase. It's cream colorway embodies a clean look for the summer, giving simplicity to any outfit. I've styled it with a basic black broken-in tee from J Crew, and a pair of black basketball shorts from dscrv.